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Located in central China,Website:http://www.bag-closingthread.com, Henan Deman Packing Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing company with its focus on industrialized packaging for more than 20 years. Our company specializes in producing 100% polyester bag closing thread, spun polyester yarn for sewing thread and other related packaging supplies and consumables. We attribute our products of high quality to our strict control of the production process. We now have more than 800 employees, who are professional and technically skilled. Moreover, our employees have enthusiasm for their work and have trust in the company, which encourage us to be confronted with opportunities and challenges from the global market. PRODUCTS - Bag Sewing Thread (Brand Deman) enjoys a high reputation worldwide in the field of packaging sealing. Our products are quite suitable for high-speed packaging sealing bag systems such Newlong, Fischbein, Union-special. Using our products can effectively increase productivity in the sewing process. PRODUCTS - Spun Polyester yarn for sewing thread (Brand Deman) with the high-end material produced by Sinopec, the end products feature bright color, low hairiness, defect-free, high-strength, which are truly suitable for dyeing process. OTHER PRODUCTS - Raschel bags, polypropylene yarn, filter, Vibrating Screen, etc. Corporate Culture Innovation Cooperation Passion. Innovation - We are in the pursuit of growth enterprises and employees , produce better products consistently. Cooperation - is the source of our company power , Solidarity of our partners and employees. Passion - We warm to respond this challenging world and assume our social responsibility.
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